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Artist Picture: Frank Black and the Catholics
The Wilmas rock the Bottleneck

Chris DeLong created the Leftover Records logo, and designed the packaging for Songs About Girls. He also worked with our friends Kill Creek, designing the packaging for St. Valentine's Garage on Mammoth Records. He's a terrific graphic designer. Check out his site at www.DeLongDesign.com. He did not design the Leftover site - if he did, it would be much cooler.

Jon Harrison has one of the most enlightening music blogs on the web. Check out some fine tunes by bands that never quite made it to the big time at Little Hits dot com.

Ed Rose is one talented guy - drummer, guitarist, engineer, producer, and rumor has it once upon a time he had a hell of a fast ball. Check out his blog at edrose.com and also stop by and visit his studio, The Black Lodge.

Dave Allman managed Kill Creek for a time. Kill Creek recently reunited to open for The Embarrassment at Liberty Hall Theater in Lawrence, KS. Kill Creek

A lot of Kansas bands can be tracked down on a site maintained by the Lawrence Journal World, the local daily newspaper. Check out the Rock Kansas site for bios, MP3s and other good stuff.